Ever wanted to design a racing car?

We offered designers and gamers the opportunity to have a hand in creating the ultimate track machine.

Designed fresh from the ground up, our first virtual race car not to be based on an existing real-world model, saw an auto manufacturer come together with the design and the racing communities in a completely new way. Human-Centric Design informs Ford’s approach to designing all of its vehicles and ensures the human perspective is considered throughout every step of the design process.

Through a series of Twitter polls and gaming contests, close to 250,000 fans helped shape Team Fordzilla P1. With inspiration from the Ford Gta, the project from Ford exterior designer Arturo Ariño emerged victorious. Ariño’s design employs unique touches like morphing technology on the body to offer the stability of a longtail racer on the high-speed straights of Le Mans, or a shorter body for tighter circuits like Monaco. For fans wondering when they may get to drive the vehicle in-game, Ford hinted it is in advanced discussions with a major games developer to introduce it into a popular racing game in 2021.

The project which started in March 2020 consisted in several phases.


In Phase One, Ford designers threw open key design decisions to the wider gaming and social media community through a series of Twitter polls that has been be posted by @TeamFordzilla. Each poll has surfaced a key design attribute – from engine to cockpit – that gamers and public had opportunity to decide on. A total of more than 250,000 votes were submitted. Below are the results of the Twitter polls:


Starting in mid-April, Phase Two is the creative phase and the most exciting part of the project, as explained by Amko Leenarts, Design Director Ford of Europe.


Remember, back in March we launched our P1 project on Twitter with a series of eight polls to help shape the package of our P1project digital racer. Since then your 250,000 votes have provided guidance for our design team to move on to the creative phase. And they have been hard at work! We’ve picked four of the numerous proposals they have come up with and put them in our virtual studio for you to have a look at. Enjoy the tour!

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