Ford offered designers and gamers the opportunity to have a hand in creating the ultimate track machine. Designed fresh from the ground up, our first virtual race car not to be based on an existing real-world model. Seeing an auto manufacturer come together with the design and the racing communities in a completely new way. Human-Centric Design informs Ford’s approach to designing all of its vehicles and ensures the human perspective is considered throughout every step of the design process.

Ford designers threw open key design decisions to the wider gaming and social media community through a series of Twitter polls that has been be posted by @TeamFordzilla. Each poll has surfaced a key design attribute – from engine to cockpit – that gamers and public had opportunity to decide on. A total of more than 250,000 votes were submitted.

Ford Design took these results and have been working hard, creating final concept proposals that have then been whittled down by top Ford executives. The final votes took place in August and the car will be officially announced on the 27th at Digital Gamescom.


Team Fordzilla are hosting their first ever online eSports tournament.

Giving a chance to anyone who lives in Europe and has a copy of Forza motorsport 7 on either Xbox or PC the opportunity to compete over the month of August to win a place on our team.

Team Fordzilla will also be providing prizes which include a full racing set up with screen and headphones.

The Tournament will be broadcasted on our very own Twitch channel with the final taking place over Gamescom weekend.

Team Fordzilla was launched in August 2019 at Gamescom in Cologne. With a rich heritage in motor racing, it was only natural for Ford to embrace digital racing as esports is fast becoming the biggest competitive stage in the world.

After recruiting for its German team on the ground at Gamescom, Team Fordzilla headed to Milan, Madrid, Paris and London to establish and recruit for its Italian, Spanish, French and British teams. By the end of the year 2019, the European teams led by five captains were up and running and started competing in various local and global events such as Le Mans Esport Series Two.

Team Fordzilla has a unique approach to gaming and is proud to build a community around its key values of accessibility, inclusivity, competitiveness and… fun! With grassroot recruitment at its core, Team Fordzilla provides everyone with a chance to experience sim racing at a professional level. We believe however that gaming should first and foremost be fun which is why value laughs as much as wins.

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